May 30 – June 20Let Your Light Shine – Teen GirlsEmpowering teenaged girls to be comfortable with who they are makes a difference in this challenging world. In this program, they identify and practice skills to help deal with stress, emotions, self-esteem, decision making, relationships and more. As they navigate the world of change such as leadership and cooperation, social choices and pressures, education and career, finances, family dynamics and so much more, this is an opportunity to take the pressure off and allow clarity to show up with ease.LYLS-T
OngoingHorse Riding LessonsPrivate, semi-private and group lessons available. Lessons
May 8
6 – 7 PM
EAL Introduction Session for AdultsFor adults who are interested in EAL for themselves, their families and their children, this session will introduce you to this powerful work. You will meet some horses and facilitators, experience an activity and get your questions answered. Please contact us to register. Please mention that you are interested in the EAL Intro for Adults in your message. Connect with Us
June 9
6 – 9 PM
EAL Assistant Certification CourseThis program provides learning and hands on activities designed to prepare an individual for the task, pressure and responsibilities involved in an EAL session. It is also an excellent introduction for anyone interested in finding out more about the work a certified coach does and how the horses are involved. Adults and mature teens 16+. Prior horse experience required.EAL Assistant
Sun. June 26, 2022Horse Driving ClinicSo, you want to train your horse to drive! It seems like a simple thing, but it’s important to learn how to do this in a safe and supervised environment. Learn and practice the fundamentals of ground driving, harnessing and the dynamics of driving a team. This one day program covers the basics of equipment, safety, hooking and driving. Horse experience required. No horse needed.Driving Clinic
July 18-22 &
August 22-26
Kids Horse CampsMonday – Friday day camp. This summer, your child will learn everything from how horses interact in the herd, to catching the horse, haltering, leading, grooming and putting on tack. Then comes the riding! Every day, participants work in small groups with their dedicated Camp Leaders. We focus on understanding and respect for the horses, herd dynamics, grooming, tack, communication and more.Kids Camp
Available by RequestProgramsWe offer a multitude of options by request, special booking and private appointment. Programs include Healing with Horses, Trail of the Heart (in group or private), sibling, family, couple sessions and more. Contact us if you would like to discuss your specific situation.