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As one of our elderly horses, Dollar spent much of his time nibbling at the hay and napping in the sun. In his late 20’s, Dollar became a hard keeper, meaning it took lots of groceries to keep him healthy through the winter! Dollar was a thoroughbred quarter horse cross standing about 15.2 hh. He was a striking bay colour with black mane and tail, 4 white socks and a bright white star on his forehead.

Under saddle, it was difficult to tell he was ageing. For years, Dollar still had energy and stamina that exceeded that of many younger horses. He was alert and bright-eyed. Put him out to pasture with the mares, and he immediately went into protector mode. It was really interesting to watch as he made sure all the mares remained grouped in the large field. No one was left behind.

As he became older, and his dominance in the gelding herd dropped, you could often see Dollar eating alongside of Flame. Because Flame is the lead gelding, the other horses leave him alone while eating, and he wasn’t threatened by Dollar, so he didn’t seem to mind when Dollar moved in close to share a pile of hay. Dollar also used to hang out with Chip.

In the fall of 2020, Dollar’s health deteriorated. He had mini strokes, lost vision and weight. He passed away peacefully in the west pasture, just beyond the trees, with his loving family and herd-mates by his side. Dollar will always be remembered and loved.

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