EAL Assistant Certification Program

Passionate about the difference we can make through Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) and Personal Development Coaching, the EAL Assistant is someone who works alongside the Coach to provide programs, typically for groups.

This program is a half-day of learning and hands on activities designed to prepare an individual for the task, pressure and responsibilities involved in an EAL session. It is also an excellent introduction for anyone interested in finding out more about the work a certified coach does and how the horses are involved.

The EAL Assistant role involves the following:

  • Discusses the plan with the Coach including the program, helps select the horses and any props or tools needed for the session
  • Prepares the site & horses for the session
  • Maintains integrity of the perimeter of the area where the session is being held
  • Remains present and aware for the duration
  • Assists during the session if called upon
  • Does the tidy up activities following the session
  • Adheres to the Code of Ethics

As an affiliate of Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Canada, we are proud to offer this program.

Program Details

GroupsAdults, mature teens 16+
Cost$150 +gst
Duration3 hours
LocationLegacy Ranch (near Langdon)
RegisterConnect with us

Prerequisite horse experience required. This hands-on clinic is ideal for people who are comfortable and capable around horses.

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