Kids After School Riding Group

There is much more to horses than riding!

And, although riding is part of the program, it’s certainly not the only part.

In this program, your child will learn everything from how horses interact in the herd, to catching the horse, haltering, leading, grooming and putting on tack. Then they ride!

The focus is on fun and games for learning new skills. This is a positive and welcoming small group environment focused on empowering participants to learn and challenge themselves.

Learning might look like finally figuring out how to tie the correct slip-knot at the hitchin’ post or perhaps it’s the first time they get their horse to trot. Each person is unique, and we are committed to working with each person to build confidence, skills and to have fun. Depending on the individual’s learning style and ability to work in the group, private sessions may be recommended.

Program Details

GroupsKids 10 – 17 years old
Duration8 session, once a week Sept/Oct
DatesTuesdays or Thursdays Spring & Fall
LocationLegacy Ranch
RegisterConnect with us

Who’s this for?

Space is very limited and is only available to true horse-lovin’ kids! This is an after school, outdoor program. If your child really wants to be with horses, is excited to learn and participate, then sign them up! LOL. Sorry, it’s not for kids who’s parents want them to learn to ride a horse, but the child has no interest.

Parents are always welcome to bring a lawn chair and hang out beside the arena to watch. That said, it’s the kids opportunity to learn and get hands-on experience, so we do ask that you stand back and watch, only helping as directed and in the case of safety.

Wondering what you need?

Each participant requires safe footwear such as cowboy boots (above the ankle, distinct heel, smooth sole). A helmet is also needed. If you don’t have access to these items, please let us know as we may have loaner items available or be able to point you in the direction of where to find them. As for attire, jeans work great! Leggings are ok but tend to be a little more slippery while on the horse. Bring a long-sleeved shirt or jacket to wear over your t-shirt and be sure to dress for the weather!!!

This is an outdoor program so be prepared for any weather!