Let Your Light Shine (Adults)

Weekly program

A session with the horse leads you deeper into yourself.

The horse sees you. Not just what’s on the outside, but all of you.

Join us and walk your own path… flourish… find your passion and a place to belong.

In a small group setting, we engage in activities such as mindfulness and breathing exercises, learning to connect energetically with the horse, setting boundaries, finding your leadership voice, handling the horse, and equine-assisted activities for fun, stress relief and learning.

After an introduction with the herd, you are paired with a horse who is suited to your energy and needs. In this small group, you will share a one-to-one connection with your horse. All activities are done on the ground or walking alongside the horse. There is no riding.

Program Description

Cost$200 +gst for 4 session program
Duration4 sessions, 1.5 hours each
LocationLegacy Ranch
RegisterConnect with us

Horses are sensitive to a person’s energy and to their surroundings which can bring forth surprising insights and offers a unique element to each session. This is a remarkable way to enjoy your personal development process. 

If you haven’t been around horses before, not to worry as there is no riding Connecting on the Ground. In addition, the first session includes basic safety and instruction on how to handle a horse for the purposes of this program. Every session is carefully constructed to ensure the horses are appropriate and managed properly for the safety of all participants.

If you’d like to find out more or register for this program, connect with us.