At 30 years old, Rock was strong, wise and fully alive… and then she wasn’t. She lived a full life and we will remember her forever. She was Mike’s heart-horse for more than twenty years, Aidan’s first horse and one of Emily’s step up horses. She is legendary for bucking off even the best riders when she decided she wanted to play… or was tired of them trying to control her. She could buck like a cat! LOL. Although we feel her absence deeply, our hearts will always be full of loving memories of our Little Rock.

Lead mare

The lead mare, Rock has always had a strong and confident personality. She’s small, as horses go, at about 14hh and is starting to look her age, which is late 20’s. She’s a lovely blood-bay colour.

As a younger horse, Rock was agile and quick, cowy and spirited. She was known to challenge even the most advanced rider with her cat-like movement and independent ideas.

Her days of cattle work and competition are over, and Rock has found a new purpose in life as the horse most frequently engaged in equine assisted learning sessions at Emerge Equine. With her gentle eye, confident energy and small stature, people often gravitate toward her as they walk through the herd. At liberty, Rock frequently comes up to whoever enters the pen to say hello and investigate.

It’s heartwarming to see Rock with a child who is just learning about horses, a teen who is shut down, or an adult excited to discover these beautiful animals.

Most of the time, Rock leads her little herd of mares with subtle looks and body language. However, when she feels the need, she is tough as nails and rules with an iron-hoof! She is teaching leadership to Breeze, who has a strong personality and may become the next mare-leader someday. She is followed closely by Crystal who loves the strong, confident personality of Rock.

Although she is small, she is mighty, as the big mares Daisy & Doll have learned.

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