In his twenties, Roy was hanging out in a pasture and not doing much. He was heavy and his condition was deteriorating, as happens when older horses are not kept active. His owner reached out to see if we’d have a place for him in our programs and we said YES!

Since coming here, Roy has reduced his fat to muscle ratio and has toned up nicely. The condition of his feet has improved with exercise as growth is stimulated and blood flow is increased through movement.

Roy is a lovely half-draft gelding with plenty of training and “buttons”. He is fairly forward, meaning he likes to go, yet he’s also willing to stop. He is a great example of a horse that picks up on his handler’s energy. A deep, calming breath radiates down from his rider, into Roy’s body and calms him.

We are delighted to have Roy here as part of our herd. He has quickly become a favourite amongst our more confident novice riders as well as our experienced riders looking to have a little fun.

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What is equine-assisted learning?