Daisy & Doll

Black Percheron mares, Daisy and Doll are a big, powerful team of draft horses. They work together in harness pulling wagons and sleighs for families and groups, at special events, in chore team competitions and they work the arena every September long weekend at Patricia Rodeo.

Owned for years by seasoned cowboy, Art Hopp, Daisy and Doll have recently become part of the herd at Legacy Ranch. Art retired from having horses and his grandson, Mike is excited to carry on the legacy.

These spectacular horses were not socialized much prior to coming here, so they tend to be stand-offish in the pen. They are highly aware and often move together as a unit. Although their most common role in our work is as a driving team, they occasionally participate in equine assisted learning sessions.

You can sometimes see Daisy & Doll moving in harness through the stubble fields to the north, down the gravel roads, at Heritage Park in Calgary or at various events.

If you are interested in discussing our programs further, join us as we walk into the herd to meet the horses.

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