Private EAL Sessions

One-on-one Equine Assisted Coaching


Navigating through the world today can be a challenge and we are here to support you and your loved ones. Get support personally, connect with your family or improve relationships between siblings or with your spouse. This empowering and unique approach to personal development will support you on your journey of mental health and well-being.

Starting with a private conversation to understand your needs and concerns, we will prepare a program specifically for you. This may look like sessions for you individually, as a couple, as a whole family, or just for siblings. We can also mix and match sessions to address your unique circumstances.

GroupsIndividuals, families, siblings, parent/child
Cost$135Single session for one person
$85Individual, minimum 4 sessions
Add $40 per extra person
$155Couple, minimum 4 sessions
$250Family, up to 5 people. minimum 4 sessions, prepaid. +gst
TermsPay for the first and last session, then as you go.
Or pay for all sessions at once.
Sessions are to be paid for in advance. Add gst to prices.
DurationApprox. 50 – 60 minutes per session unless otherwise stated
DatesPrivate schedule
Location Legacy Ranch
RegisterConnect with us

As we walk into our herd of friendly and curious horses, we will chat and get to know one another. During the conversation, the horses will begin to engage naturally, and we will begin to see connections.  This is the time to share what you are hoping to get out of these sessions, who will be involved and what your concerns might be.

Once we agree to a plan, including a general focus and schedule, we will engage in activities that involve the horses such as learning to connect with the horse energetically, setting boundaries, finding your voice, mindfulness exercises, learning to handle the horse, and equine-assisted activities for fun, stress relief and learning. Activities are done on the ground alongside the horse or, depending on you, may include mounting the horse for some exercises.

Horses are inquisitive and sensitive to a person’s energy and to their surroundings which can bring forth surprising insights and offers a unique element to each session. This is a remarkable way to enjoy your personal development process. 

If you haven’t been around horses before, not to worry as there is no riding required. In addition, the first session includes basic safety and instruction on how to handle a horse for the purposes of this program. Every session is carefully constructed to ensure the horses are appropriate and managed properly for the safety of all participants.

Private coaching with one of our certified equine-assisted personal development coaches enables you to take the next steps on the journey of your life, with a horse by your side. In partnership with your coach, you will discover an experiential approach to personal growth.

The exercises for each session are designed to focus on that which is important to you. Sessions work whether mounted or non-mounted. Topics may include communication, relationships, career, transition, teamwork, self-confidence, trust, fear, grief, family and past traumas.

Connect with us to arrange a time to visit us here at the ranch, and discover how this would fit for you. Join us as we walk into the herd to meet the horses.

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