Horses helping people grow.

Gain insights through equine-assisted learning and personal development.

Experience the energy of horses in our welcoming outdoor setting.

Find your way, learn, grow and have fun.

Experience equine-assisted personal development in our outdoor setting. Gain insights through the grounded energy and reflective communication of our horses. These sessions are designed for people of all ages and are open to riders and non-riders alike.

Personal & Private

Focus on yourself and move forward with confidence. Take a look at our individual programs to see if this might be for you.

Discover in Group

Being in a group of participants provides insights that are otherwise not available.

Team Development

Provide support, increase effectiveness and connect with your team, for businesses and organizations.

Experience the power of equine energy in a peaceful and relaxed environment.

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) provides life coaching in a non-clinical setting.

Our equine partners reflect your feelings and emotions, providing insight, clarity and freedom. With unique exercises designed around the interest of the participant, a new view of life is possible.

Experience this unique approach to working with humans through horses. 

EAL is not to be confused with Therapeutic Riding as it is for the general public, and may or may not include mounted exercises.

Learn more about Equine-Assisted Learning.