Meet the Horses

Horses are at the heart of it all

Horses are curious, intuitive and the most fabulous partners we could ask for in many ways.

Be it interacting quietly with a small uncertain child, providing insights to a group of women on a personal development journey, playfully galloping through a field or pulling a family filled wagon down the road, every one of the horses at Legacy Ranch is unique and treasured. From quiet and mellow to spirited and excitable, all of our horses show their personalities in their own way.

Because these horses are part of our family, and we observe and interact with them every single day, we are able to provide opportunities for each horse that suit its personality, energy level and physical ability. We are grateful every day for these incredible partners, they are our priority and their care always comes before any business goals.

To learn more about each horse, click below.


A busy ranch life behind her, Sandy is sweet and steady.


Calm and gentle, Chip brings confidence to people.


A strawberry roan, Crystal is sweet and fun.


Alert and powerful, Flame is the herd leader.


Alert and sensitive, Kitty moves and shines.


Strong and steady, Teddy is a beautiful, trustworthy mount.


Curious, playful and sweet, Drifter is a gruella paint.

Daisy & Doll

Percheron mares Daisy & Doll are a bonded pair.

Ask how you can spend time with these majestic beauties and we’ll set a time to connect.

woman pets horse
What is equine-assisted learning?