Meet the People

Committed to making a difference

Say hello to the people committed to empowering you.

Family is central to the values of Emerge Equine. Operating from our home property of Legacy Ranch, all of the Hopp family members have input into the direction of the business. The thoughts and ideas of each person are valued and respected. And our “family” grows with the addition of like-minded and brilliant collaborators!


Linda is the primary coach and full-time operator of Emerge Equine.


Mike is our head teamster and provides a grounding energy to our programs.

Aidan & Emily

Aidan & Emily are boots on the ground and bums in the saddle.


Donelda collaborates on program development and more.


Shawna takes the lead on marketing and is involved with all the horses.


Tiana works with children and groups as an equine assisted personal development coach.

At Emerge Equine, we are proud to be affiliated with Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Canada. ‚Äč

Working together for a better world

Collaboration with other trusted professionals in the equine and wellness world add depth brings another level of skill and contribution to our clients at Emerge Equine. We welcome certified coaches and assistants to our team for special events and ongoing programs.

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What is equine-assisted learning?