Trail of the Heart

Ladies Workshop

If you are ready to look within and find direction, this is the program for you. We will dig deep, ask questions, engage and expand… all with love, kindness and clarity. We create a trust-relationship and work with you to move through your barriers, toward that which you desire in life. If you are ready… we are here!

Within a small group of people and horses, you will participate in a conversation designed to lead you through six stages, or “camps”. Each camp builds on the previous one, bringing about personal insights and clarity. You will receive a booklet with thought-provoking discussion topics, questions and some take-home points to ponder.

The horses bring a unique element to each session. They are part of the exercises which focus on energy and breathing, releasing upsets and negativity, removing barriers, self-awareness, teamwork, clarity of personal direction and more. You will embark on your own journey of mental health and well-being through this empowering and unique approach to personal development.

The horses are involved in every session and they bring a remarkable and insightful element to your personal development process. 

Or Private
CostParticipate as part of a small group $475 + gst
Choose a private, one-on-one program $810 +gst
Ask about a payment plan if needed
Duration6 weekly sessions, 1.5 to 2 hours each
LocationLegacy Ranch
RegisterContact us for details

If you haven’t been around horses before, not to worry as there is no riding in Trail of the Heart. In addition, the first session includes basic safety and instruction on how to handle a horse for the purposes of this program. Every session is carefully constructed to ensure the horses are appropriate and managed properly for the safety of all participants.

Participants have reported that, after taking the program, they were finally able to move forward, establish and reach their goals. “Life changing” is one of the common comments shared by participants.

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