A new purpose

A strawberry roan quarter horse mare, Crystal is sturdy yet petite. She stands about 15 hands high and has a bright, attentive attitude. She is the lowest horse in the hierarchy of the herd, is last to go to the food and is uncomfortable being away from the herd leaders.

Born on a small farm in Calgary, Crystal’s owners provided all the niceties a horse could ask for along with professional training and wonderful care. She learned all the basics a western horse needs to know to be a useful, safe and fun mount. She’s a quiet girl, rarely offering to misbehave.

Then, when she was about six, she got sick and fell during her recovery, sustaining a life-altering injury, resulting in a shortened hind leg. After that, Crystal mostly hung out in her pen and was in a state of retirement.

A few years ago, Crystal came to Legacy Ranch and now lives with a group of other horses. Despite having her career as an all ’round pleasure horse interrupted in her prime, Crystal has found new purpose, well-being and interesting relationships.

With the increase of herd interaction, pasture time and movement, Crystal’s fitness level has improved and her shortened leg has even lengthened! She trots out into the pasture, gallops along with her herd-mates, and even gives the occasional buck in the field when she’s feeling really happy.

Now, Crystal participates in rides in the arena and on the trail. She is fun to ride bareback as well as under saddle, and she is a wonderful horse to have in a group of inexperienced riders.

Chip is her half brother (same dad’s, born the same year).

If you are interested in discussing our programs further, join us as we walk into the herd to meet the horses.

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