Black Beauty

The winter of 2022, Breeze took ill and transitioned peacefully. We are sad to see this beautiful mare go. When I walk into the pen, it feels like she is still in the herd.

About 15.2 hands high, Breeze’s black coat glistens. Her tail is thick and brushes the ground. She has a jagged white blaze on the front of her face, and a single white socklet on her right hind leg. Not only is she beautiful to look at, she’s strong in mind and body. She is courageous and is learning to be confident and capable around cattle, with a rope and doing a variety of other activities. She goes willingly on the trail, through the rivers and past traffic.

Breeze has a dominant side and is learning to be a leader as she shadow’s Rock in the herd. She is somewhat bossy toward Crystal and the other horses she is introduced to.

Being sensitive and inquisitive, Breeze makes a good partner in our equine facilitated wellness programs.

If you are interested in discussing our programs further, join us as we walk into the herd to meet the horses.

woman pets horse
Woman pets paint horse watercolour