Having been left to age in a pasture and developing life threatening health conditions, Jace was taken in by Success With Horses hoof care professional Connie Challise. Connie and her team rehabilitated Jace through appropriate diet, exercise within the herd, and proper hoof care.

Jace joined Connie’s mountain trek team as a pack horse and was occasionally ridden by visitors to her ranch. When the opportunity came up, she suggested Jace would be a good fit for our programs. He arrived in the winter with a full, fuzzy coat and we spent weeks covered in white hair as he shed out. It was all worth it as he has proven himself to be as sweet as sugar and plenty of fun to ride for some of our more confident youth clients.

Jace enjoys participating in our equine assisted learning programs as well as our youth programs that include riding. He is a handsome fellow who tries to please and do what’s asked of him.

woman pets horse
What is equine-assisted learning?