Classic Suffolk Punch

Jack is a rich dark chestnut gelding. His markings and build are the quintessential Suffolk Punch ideal. He is stout and calm. Stoic would describe him well.

Jack and his partner, Flame, work together in harmony when in harness. Jack has no white markings and is ever so slightly smaller than Flame.

When a new horse is introduced or discipline needs to be put to someone in the herd, Jack moves into position beside Flame and together they charge at their target.

This was an experience Jake had when he met the big boys. It was a little sad to watch as they moved him away and he was an outcast from the herd for a few days. Eventually, Jake was accepted into the fold and safety of the herd, even though he and Jack don’t always see eye-to-eye.

Although he’s quite assertive, Jack also demonstrates great patience as the young horse, Drifter, learns his manners. Drifter sometimes seems board and will follow Jack around in the pasture, biting at his tail, running away and coming back for more. Jack threatens Drifter with body language, but I’ve yet to see him actually strike with a hoof or take a serious bit out of Drifter’s hide.

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