Off the track

A big-boned and tall bay thoroughbred, Jake is energetic and eager to go. As a racehorse, he learned to be ridden with English tack and contact on the bit. He is a forward horse and does best with a rider who consistently and patiently provides structure for Jake to balance and move.

Having been a racehorse, Jake hasn’t had much exposure to obstacles, jumps or patterns, so he has plenty to learn and practice. He gets excited and unsure, making him a challenge to ride. He benefits from consistent groundwork which bolsters his confidence, combined with riding to channel his energy and mind. He’s a sweetheart of a horse, very smart and willing.

Due to his early years as a valuable racehorse, Jake was kept separate from other horses to prevent injury in the pasture or pen. Because of this, he didn’t learn some of the basic “horse behaviours” that are required to understand how to get along with others. This has him seem distanced from the others quite often. Due to Chip‘s laid back nature, they get along quite well. He also likes to interact with Kitty at the fence whenever possible.

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What is equine-assisted learning?