Mike Hopp

Mike’s calm and trustworthy way of being allows people to open up and share where they might otherwise hold back.  

A lifelong horseman, Mike grew up in a family that was always involved with horses. His parents owned horses and Mike was involved in all aspects. He also learned to drive horses at the elbow of his grandfather, Art Hopp.

Mike has been driving teams of horses for more than 20 years and enjoys competing in skills competitions with his two teams of draft horses. Event’s he’s participated in recently include chore team competitions at the Bar U Ranch in southern Alberta, the Rimby Chore Team competition, and the Patricia Rodeo log skid competition. He has been an exhibitor at Pioneer Acres at Irricana, Alberta and has been involved in numerous community activities with the teams.

Calm, strong and caring, Mike Hopp is certified as an equine-assisted learning personal development coach. He brings a solid presence to our groups and he provides a healthy male perspective for girls and women. His extensive training and participation in personal development over the years provides a solid foundation for this work.

Mike delivers the horse driving clinic and oversees the operations of Legacy Ranch, providing care for the animals, training horses and coaching riders. He is involved with the direction of the business and manages the production of hay. 

horse team and wagon
Horse team pulling wagon