Ranch Horse

Summers spent amongst the cattle herd, moving here and there, bringing the ranch hand close for wellness checks of calves and cows. Although for most of her life, Sandy worked for her people driving cattle, she became known best as the horse all the kids wanted to ride! She’s a sweet, gentle mare, brave and quiet. She is easy to ride and likes to move out at a quick pace on the trail.

At twenty-years-old, Sandy was discovered by Shawna & Guy Cooley at her home on a Hutterite Colony north east of Calgary. Her owner was concerned that in their enthusiasm and zest for life, the kids would want to ride her too much. He recognized that she’s aging and it was becoming more exercise than was good for her.

When Shawna & Guy brought Sandy home to Legacy Ranch, it was instant love. For most of us, at least! Sandy is quite submissive in the herd and it took some time for her to fit in.

As time has passed, Sandy has been able to relax and feel comfortable in her newfound herd. She is often found napping in the bed of straw as the sun shines down. She has slowly learned that a visitor in the pen is often simply a time to get some scratching and is not necessarily a time to go to work. She is becoming more and more inquisitive and friendly with people.

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What is equine-assisted learning?