Empowering and fun programs.

Helping to gain insight, earn respect, and encourage activity.

All of our programs are designed with equine-assisted learning (EAL) at the foundation. We strive to provide you with empowering and fun programs that bring insight, respect and physical activity. Being mindful of your mental health, energy and experience enable us to facilitate your needs.

Whatever you choose to do at Emerge Equine, you will find our horses are incredibly perceptive and sensitive to your emotions. Horses can-not over-think a situation, so they provide immediate and honest reactions to their handler’s emotions. 

Which programs are right for you?

Designed to help you move through life, we offer programs for all people. Personal well-being, stress management, changes and more.

From the basics on the ground to the saddle, our programs are unique. See options available.

Activities for couples and families, wagon and sleigh rides. A fun and healthy approach to family time.

When the passion for horses becomes your lifestyle and focus. Bring your interest and time together to advance your knowledge and abilities.

Join us for a private Sleigh or Wagon Ride!

Trail of the Heart group personal development.

If you would like to discuss any of our programs in person, connect with us and arrange a walk into the herd to meet the horses and discuss your priorities.

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What is equine-assisted learning?