Sleigh & Wagon Rides

Wagon and Sleigh Rides for the whole family!

A visit to Legacy Ranch or a tour around town might be just the thing to encourage your family to connect and have fun with a private wagon or sleigh ride.

To book your time, click on the link below, select the area you want your ride to take place, find next available appointment, select your time slot and complete the booking process. Payment is required at time of booking.

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Gather 8-12 of your favourite people and enjoy a fun ride around the streets of town to look at the seasonal lights or join us at Legacy Ranch, 10 minutes south of Langdon, for a fresh air ride over the fields!

* Number of riders depends on body sizes (kids, adults, plus, etc). Be sure to dress for the weather & bring blankets!

* Duration of the ride is 45-60 minutes. Younger kids tend to prefer a shorter ride and it’s always best to be done when they are still enjoying the experience. We are happy to introduce them to the horses if time permits. If you have any questions, please Connect With Us and we will be happy to guide you.

Prices shown in the buttons above include GST.

With several options for wagons and sleigh rides, we can accommodate your group for a

Family OutingPrivate Outing
DateDouble Date
Gift CertificatesYour Event

Whether it’s a fun family outing for your immediate household, a special event for your private party, a romantic date or fun double date, we can host your special outdoor activity. Gift certificates are available. We are also available to come to your event (some conditions apply, contact us to discuss details).

CostStarting at $200 +gst per 50 to 60 minute ride
DatesOpenings on weekends & during the week
LocationLegacy Ranch or your event location
BookConnect with us to book

There is nothing more important than family. Whether your family is made up of blood relatives or family of the heart, it’s important to take care of those relationships. A visit to Legacy Ranch might be just the thing to encourage your family to connect.

With two matched teams of draft horses, Legacy Ranch offers wagon and sleigh rides in the wide-open country. This retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life offers a unique experience for your loved ones.

Flame and Jack are a mature pair of geldings. They are a rare breed called Suffolk Punch which is descendent from the medieval great horse. The Suffolk Punch is a midsized draught horse. They are not overly tall, but they are very stocky. They were originally bred to pull ploughs in the boggy areas of England. They were never bred to be a warhorse in battle, so they were not bred en masse to be tall or flashy. They are quiet but powerful. Jack and Flame were used in their younger days in weight pull competitions. Today, they pull wagons in parades and for special events and participate in team chore competitions of precision.

Daisy and Doll are Percheron mares. They are both striking with their shiny black coats and flowing manes and tails. The breed, originating in the 17th century in France, is well muscled and known for intelligence and willingness to work. Originally bred for use as war horses, they eventually were used to pull stagecoaches, in agriculture and for hauling heavy goods. Daisy and Doll have been used extensively for parades and special events. They are champion log-skid competitors.

Join us at Legacy Ranch for an hour or a day. Connect to discuss your event.

couple with horses
Couple hold horses in pasture