Tanya Brauer

Recreation Therapist, EALPD Coach, Equine & Canine First Aid Instructor, Mom

Tanya was raised in a small rural community in southern Alberta. When she was young girl, she enjoyed visiting her grandparents farm, camping with her family and spending time in nature. She had many pets while growing up! Throughout her schooling Tanya belonged to the local 4-H club as well as many other community groups. Tanya has always been an active member in her community, playing sports and serving on several committees over the years. After high school, Tanya attended Lethbridge Community College and received a Diploma in Therapeutic Recreation, as well as Unit Clerk Certification.

Tanya with her furry and wooly friends

Throughout her 25+ year career, Tanya has gained  experience working in Mental Health, Mentoring Children, Programming for families in community Recreation Facilities and Engaging with Elderly Patients with Dementia- in Hospitals & Long Term Care settings. Tanya has been raising her son at home for the past 8 years and has a huge passion for animals and the role that they play in our lives.

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Adorable companions

Tanya has worked with clients with decreased self esteem, behavioral issues, trauma from abuse and has also supported families with their journeys regarding their loved ones goals and challenges.

 Tanya continues to build on her professional development and her skill set, in 2018 she became an Equine Assisted Learning Coach (EALPD), in 2020/21 an instructor with Equi Health and Canine Health Canada, allowing her to teach Basic & Advanced/ Remote Equine Health and First Aide as well as Canine First Aide. Tanya is also a Scouter with Scouts Canada and a member of Guardians of the Children (Strathmore, AB).

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Tanya riding

Tanya’s portfolio is extensive and consists of training in:

  • Learning Disabilities and Safe & Caring Schools
  • Understanding Childhood Stress & Anxiety and Behavior
  • Leadership, Empowering Women and Coaching
  • Communication and American Sign Language
  • Behaviour Patterns & Modification
  • Mood Regulation, Gratitude & Empathy
  • Equine Communication Patterns
  • Reiki and Reiki Drumming
  • Crafts, Soap Making, Sewing & Gardening

Additionally, she’s educated in the following

  • Basic Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy
  • Supportive Pathways
  • Accountability, Family Dynamics, Supportive Pathways
  • Accountability Training & Coping with Stress
  • Behaviour Patterns, Coping Strategies and Positive Discipline
  • Understanding & Responding to Challenging Behavior of Children & Youth
  • Family & Domestic Violence and Non-Violent Crisis Intervention
  • Suicide Intervention, Death & Dying Support
  • Working with Challenging Families, “Who’s In Control?”
  • Finally People Are Talking; Communities Against Sexual Abuse
  • Alzheimer’s Disease and ADHD & Executive Functioning

Down to Earth

Tanya enjoys her dogs and other hobby farm critters, gardening both vegetables and flowers, soap making, canning and preserves. Tanya is the founder of The Rural Experience near Strathmore. In her spare time she is always working on projects and attending activities with her son. Tanya has a passion for gratitude and realizing that there is “Always something to be grateful for!”.

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Playful at heart