Although the session started with a discussion about the upset in the area of her marriage and divorce, it circled back to something that happened prior to the marriage. Something devastating that had never been talked about. Never put to rest.

As Sally (not her real name) shared her experience, upset and grief, the horses moved in. At first, only Rock stayed close. Then, as emotions began to climb, Lily, at liberty, moved in next to Rock.

Lily was unmistakably agitated and shifted her position numerous times. At first, putting her nose near the woman’s shoulder and holding stock still, Lily seemed to be trying to figure out the energy being emitted. She then moved to the front of Sally, and finally, she moved directly between us, so I had to look around her neck to see the traumatized woman as she wept.

The calm acceptance of the horses provided space for this woman to share something that had been weighing on her heart and conscience for twenty years.

As we debriefed after the session, she said that over the last few years, many people in her life had gone away, stopped being able to handle her life circumstances and she felt very alone. During the time with the horses, she felt heard, comforted and not alone. Sally said she had the experience of being safe and deeply supported.
Taking a walk after a coaching session, Sally was joined by 2 extra horses who were completely loose. They just wanted to be with her.

How the Horses Responded

Rock, the horse on the far right, had a halter and lead shank which was dropped on the ground during the session. Rock moved around behind the woman as well as to the side. She had a head and body position that was low and mournful looking. She was steady and calm throughout the session. The other two horses, Dollar and Lily, were loose in the arena.

Lily started the session by running away from the woman when she came into the arena. She seemed to sense aggravation, anger and was repelled by her energy. As the session progressed, Lily’s behaviour completely changed and she seemed to be comforting Sally and providing protection. It was amazing to watch her. Lily is such a sensitive horse.

Dollar was completely uninterested for much of the session, only going with Sally as she released the energy that was bottled up inside.

After the Session

The following day, Sally reported that after our session, she went home, cried and then slept like a baby. She woke that morning with a new energy and perspective that she had never experienced before. She got organized and took action in an area of her life that needed attention and began to make progress again, free from the strain of carrying the baggage of the past.

We encourage you to unburden yourself from the past, get yourself clear and begin to heal in the presence of horses. Take a look at the programs we offer in the area of personal development and support, and connect with us.

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